Weekly Adult Education Series
for Christians and Seekers

Slow Religion/Matthew

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The class is offered weekly on Zoom.  
Tuesday 4-5 PM PT
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Class Description

Slow Religion/Matthew is a lay person-led, adult education weekly series for Christians and seekers. The class is a slow and careful reading of the Gospel, it considers a range of commentaries, tries to understand the cultural, historical, and religious contexts and how to apply them today.
21st Century readers recognize Matthew as the source of many of the best-known stories and sayings of Jesus as well as a social philosophy that many non-Christians believe in. Famous for its Sermon on the Mount, The Beatitudes, and other teachings, Matthew is often called the most Jewish of the Gospels, while also contributing to antisemitism.

Why Matthew and why now?

Three reasons:
  1. Matthew is the lectionary Gospel for the upcoming church year;
  2. Matthew is a foundation of the church; and,
  3. Matthew wrestles with how to maintain your traditions, while embracing the new, in a basically hostile world.

What to expect

Each week’s attendees are provided an outline and overview readings for a chapter or section of a chapter. (See links below under Classes and Materials.) Reading the chapter is sufficient, reading the overview provides a deeper context for the class.

Class Structure

Each class is one hour and consists of:
  • Opening Prayer
  • Read the appointed scripture  
  • Brief discussion: What stands out to you?
  • Joe’s overview (20 Minutes)
  • Moderated Discussion (20 minutes)
  • Closing prayer

Classes and Materials

Introduction, Week of Sept. 18, 2022
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Chapters 1-2 Genealogy, Birth, Gentiles, Week of Sept. 25,, 2022
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Chapters 3-4, JohnBap, Baptism, Temptations, Ministry, Week of Oct. 2,, 2022
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Chapter 5, Part 1, First Discourse, Sermon on the Mount, The Beatitudes, Week of Oct. 9, 2022
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Chapter 5, Part 2, First Discourse (cont.) Jesus on the Torah and Love, Week of Oct. 16, 2022
Chapter 6, First Discourse (cont.) The Lord’s Prayer, Wealth, and God, Week of Oct. 23, 2022
Chapter 7, First Discourse (cont.) Golden Rule, Apocalyptic Warnings, Week of Oct. 30 2022
Chapter 8, Healing and Faith, Discipleship and Hardship, Week of Nov. 6, 2022
Chapter 9, Discipleship, Healing and Faith, Week of Nov. 13, 2022
Chapter 10, The Mission Sermon/Discourse, Week of November 20
Chapter 11, Christology, Eschatology, Prophecy, Jesus as the new Moses, Week of Nov. 27
Chapter 12, Mission to Gentiles, Suffering Servant, Give Us A Sign, Week of Dec 13
Chapter 13, Discourse on Parables, Rejection in Nazareth, Week of December 20
Chapter 14, Murder and Miracles, Week of January 10, 2023
Chapter 15, Opposition and Loyalty, Week of January 17, 2023
Chapter 16, Revealing Jesus, Turning toward Jerusalem, Week of January 24, 2023
Chapter 17, Revealing Jesus, Transfiguration, Week of January 31, 2023
Chapter 18 Early Christian Community Discourse, February 7, 2023
Chapter 19, Everyday Life Teachings, February 14, 2013
Chapter 20, On The Way To Jerusalem, February 21, 2023
Chapter 21, Jerusalem, February 28
Chapter 22, Teaching in the Temple, March 7
Chapter 23, “But Woe To You”, March 14
Chapter 24, The Eschatological Prophet, March 21
Chapter 25, The Second Coming Foretold, March 28
Chapters 26, The Arrest and Trial, April 4
Chapter 27, The Crucifixion, April 11
Chapter 28, The Resurrection, April 18 


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