Weekly Adult Education Series
for Christians and Seekers

Slow Religion/Scenes from Luke-Acts

St. Luke,
Giorgio Vasari (artist) Florentine,
1511 - 1574

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The class is offered weekly on Zoom.  
Tuesday 4-5 PM PT

Class Description

Slow Religion/Scenes from Luke-Acts is a lay person-led, adult education weekly series for Christians and seekers. The class is a slow and careful reading of the Gospel, it considers a range of commentaries, tries to understand the cultural, historical, and religious contexts and how to apply them today.

Why Luke-Acts?

Unlike the other Gospels, Mark, Matthew and John, Luke-Acts is written as a two volume work by the same author. It includes the life, death and resurrection of Jesus in Luke and then covers the establishment and growth of what will become the church in Acts.

What to expect

Each week’s attendees are provided an outline and overview readings for a chapter or section of a chapter. (See links below under Classes and Materials.) Reading the chapter is sufficient, reading the overview provides a deeper context for the class.

Class Structure

Each class is one hour and consists of:
  • Opening Prayer
  • Read the appointed scripture  
  • Brief discussion: What stands out to you?
  • Joe’s overview (20 Minutes)
  • Moderated Discussion (20 minutes)
  • Closing prayer
2023 Class Schedule
Introduction to Luke-Acts, Oct. 3
The Nativity Story (Luke 1-2), Oct 10 
Jesus’ First Sermon (Luke 4:14-30), Oct 17 
The Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37), Oct 24
Pentecost and the Early Movement, (Acts 2), Oct 31
Conversion of Cornelius and Mission to Gentiles (Acts 10:1-11:18), Nov 7 
Paul in Acts (Acts 9:1-19, 13:16-52, and 28:23-31), Nov 14
Sermon on the Plain/Luke-Acts in the 21st Century (Luke 6:20-48), Nov. 21


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